About the Work

Warwick is currently working on several long term projects, which are loosely based on the categories shown here. Although his subject matter varies enormously, he approaches each image with an obsessive eye for texture, lighting, symmetry, and visual ambiguity, which means that all of his work carries a unique style.

For his monochrome images, Warwick uses traditional film cameras and darkroom printing techniques in preference to modern digital processes. He makes his prints by hand, using the finest materials available. He prefers to use heavy-weight fibre-based fine art papers with a matt or semi-matt surace. The prints are archivally prepared using thio or selenium toners for maximum longevity, and then carefully retouched.

The inherent variability of analogue processes and materials means that each print from the same negative is an individual piece of work in itself, rather than an infinitely repeatable digital clone. There are always very subtle differences between one print and another, which makes each one truly unique.

He generally uses Ilford film materials in 35mm, 6x6cm and 5x4inch formats, in a range of cameras, including Leica rangefinders, Nikon SLRs, Hasselblad, Ebony and Sinar.